4 Signs You Need an Immediate Emergency Garage Door Repair in Tatum Ranch, AZ

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Security Garage Door believes in working hard every day to earn your trust. We want our customers to feel supremely confident and at ease when they entrust us with their garage doors. We are a local garage door company and a family-owned business, with our reputation for pleasing our clients meaning the world to us. We’re deeply passionate about customer service and professionalism, leading to services that only the best garage door company in Scottsdale, AZ, can perform.

All our garage door technicians are thoroughly background checked, drug tested, and held to the highest standards of safety and ethics. We are a proud A+ member of the Better Business Bureau and the recipient of numerous service awards from HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack — including the 2019 Best of HomeAdvisor Award. We encourage you to check out the hundreds of five-star reviews our customers have left us on Google, HomeAdvisor, and Thumbtack, or look through some of the testimonials we have below!

When you’re in need of emergency garage door repair services, we can get to the trouble quickly and affordably. Our team of experts is on-call 24/7 to provide customer service unlike any other company. When you call us, it’s easy to tell that we would be there for the one thing most people are scared to name: an emergency. At Maricopa County, our company does not back down from a challenge. For reliable garage door repair services with rapid response, contact Security Garage Door AZ today.

4 Warning Signs You Need to Contact a Tatum Ranch, AZ Emergency Garage Door Repair Company ASAP

It’s likely that your garage is the primary entry and exit point for your Maricopa County home, so the door is continually opening and closing. Homeowners open and close their garage doors thousands of times each year, according to estimates. As a result of so much use, as well as being so heavy, and being exposed to harsh conditions constantly, it’s only natural that your garage door will malfunction occasionally.

Every now and then, garage doors require some maintenance, and sometimes the issue can wait to be resolved, but other times it needs to be addressed promptly. Feeling uncertain as to whether the issues you’re experiencing are an emergency? Below are some top signs that warrant contacting an emergency garage door repair specialist in Tatum Ranch and AZ.

It Won’t Open

You should contact an emergency garage door repair technician in your area Tatum Ranch, AZ if your garage door won’t budge. Your vehicle may be parked inside the door and you need to get it out if it is the main entrance or exit to your Maricopa County home. There could be several factors contributing to the problem, such as damaged springs, a broken belt, or warped rollers. An experienced and licensed professional will assess the structure, make any repairs necessary, and have your garage door open in no time.

It Slams Shut

It’s common to find a garage door that glides smoothly closed when the system is operating properly. If it slams shut, that’s a serious cause for concern and a sign that something is definitely wrong. A number of problems could be to blame; the springs could be loose or broken, the tracks may be bent out of shape, the rollers may have fallen off the tracks, or the chains could be loose, for example. No matter the cause, if it’s slamming shut, a call to a Tatum Ranch, AZ emergency garage door repair specialist is warranted. A garage door is extremely heavy and when it slams shut, that’s a major safety hazard, as it could potentially fall on someone and cause a serious injury.

It’s Stuck

If your garage door won’t open all the way, but rather it gets stuck, you need to call in a professional with quick access. A stuck door is a serious problem that can lead to compromised security, not to mention the fact that you won’t be able to get inside.

An Odd Odor

Tatum Ranch, AZ emergency garage door repair specialists can help you if your motor is emitting a strange odor. That odor could be a sign that the motor is overheating, or that an electrical component is malfunctioning. These issues are a serious cause for concern, as there’s a chance that the motor – and your Maricopa County house – could catch fire.

sliding security gate security garage doors
sliding security gate security garage doors

For Prompt Emergency Garage Door Repair Services in Maricopa County, Call Security Garage Door AZ

When you need fast, reliable, and affordably priced emergency garage door repairs in Tatum Ranch, AZ, contact the pros at Security Garage Door AZ. As soon as you call us, we’ll send a team of expert technicians to your Maricopa County home, and they’ll have your garage door back up and running in no time. To learn more, to request a free price quote, or to schedule an appointment, dial 480-744-8553 today!


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